Logo 1st International Conference on Blockchain and Machine Intelligence Applications (ICBMIA 2023)
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Eminent College of Management and Technology (ECMT)

International Conference on Blockchain and Machine Intelligence Applications

Peer Review

Please describe the review process as detailed as possible. Our minimum requirements are listed below:

  • At least two independent reviewers will need to review and approve a paper
  • A maximum of 10 papers should be assigned to a single reviewer
  • All the review reports should be submitted to Springer as soon as they will become available (after the notification of acceptance).
  • For a submitted article, initial plagiarism check and verifying minimal technical content will be done by chairs.
  • Programme chairs will allocate the submitted articles (passing through above step) among reviewers according to their field of interest.
  • The reviewers will be completely guided through a mail to clarify the aspects to be reviewed.
  • Degree of novelty, clarity in presentation, significance to the field, relevance to conference, and composition of the article will be considered.
  • Suggestions reviewers will be given in three parts:

a. Mandatory changes / corrections
b. Possible modifications for betterment
c. Suggestions for extending the work in future (for implementing while submitting in journal special issues of the conference)

  • The reviewed articles will be sorted in order of their received scores and best articles will be chosen.

The papers will be selected on the basis of technical quality, relevance to theme of the conference, originality, significance, and clarity which will undergo double blind peer review process shall be considered for publication in the conference proceedings. The review process will be organized by a strong team of both national and international technical committee members having specialized field of domains.

Role of the reviewers will comprise:
1. Strict and rigorous review process for papers received.
2. Peer reviewers will identify and point out gaps in concern paper which require explanation or additional work or validation.
3. Valid suggestions for authors of contributed papers for further improvement.
5. Compromise will not be entertained in consideration or acceptance of paper.
6. Papers will be rigorously evaluated based on novelty, significance, clarity, relevance, and repeatability.

Plagiarism Policy

The paper prior to submission should be checked for plagiarism from licensed plagiarism softwares like Turnitin/iAuthenticate etc. The similarity content should not exceed 20% (in any case either self-contents or others). Further, you have to strictly implement the following ethical guidelines for publication:

s Any form of self-plagiarism or plagiarism from others' work(s) should not be there in an article.  If any model / concept / figure / table / data / conclusive comment by any previously published work is used in your article, you should properly cite a reference to the original work.

s Also language of explaining it should not be same as language of the work from which you have adopted it.  If you are using any copyrighted material, you should acquire prior permission from the copyright holder.

Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline:
    30th June, 2023
  • Acceptance/Rejection Notification:
    15th August, 2023
  • Last date of registration:
    30th August, 2023
  • Camera Ready Paper Submission:
    15th September, 2023